Performance roof hooks (35×6 | 3-way adjustable | heavy-duty)


  • Mittellast Dachhaken, statisch nachweisbar
  • 3fach-verstellbar
  • Verstellbereich von ~40-54 mm
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Thanks to its curved bracket, this adjustable roof hook is particularly stable. This enables a significantly higher loading capacity than comparable adjustable roof hooks. Depending on the building project, the spacing of the roof hooks can also be increased or rafters can be skipped as fixing points.

Adjustment options:

  • Side adjustment option with three positions on the base plate
  • Height of the bracket adjustable in the range of ~ 40-54 mm for a suitable height with a 32-40 mm batten plus thickness of the tile
  • Additional adjustment option at the end of the angle when screwing on the mounting profile (up to a total height of 235 mm), allowing small unevennesses in the roofs to be levelled out
Mounting system Profiness Performance Series
Base plate 140x56x5mm
Bracket thickness 35×6 mm
Bracket height 40 – 54 mm
Bracket length approx. 11 cm
Material Hook stainless steel 1.4301 | Base plate stainless steel 1.4016
MOQ 1 piece
Packaging unit 20 pieces / box
Weight 1.18 kg / piece

Additional information

Weight 1,18 kg

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