Delivery and return shipment

Freight costs

We charge for the shipping of small parts (which can be sent by parcel service or pallet forwarder)

up to an order value of 250,- Euro a flat rate shipping fee of 7,99 Euro per order (only within Germany).

From an order value of just 250 euros, you will receive your small parts delivery free of charge (only within Germany).

Small parts deliveries refer to roof hooks, screws and other accessories. Never on mounting profiles by length.

Please refer to the table below for the costs of shipping long items (only within Germany).

Shipping costs for deliveries outside Germany are not calculated in the shop.

For deliveries outside Germany by forwarding company, the actual costs will be charged, which depend on the carrier (as well as weight and distance). Please send your order without selecting an automatic payment method (e.g. prepayment or invoice). We will then offer you the shipping costs on a daily price basis and you can then decide whether you want to make the purchase, cancel it or have it picked up.

For the special transport of our PV mounting system (mounting rails longer than 2.00 metres) of long goods by a forwarding company, we charge additional freight costs depending on the weight:

From weight (KG)Freight costs for long goods
in Euro (€) plus VAT.
1 KG128,00 €
100 KG231,00 €
250 KG271,00 €
500 KG390,00 €
750 KG481,00 €
1000 KG532,00 €
1250 KG594,00 €
1500 KG683,00 €
1750 KG688,00 €
2000 KG726,00 €
3000 KG

4000 KG

5000 KG

ab 5000 KG
763,00 €

819,00 €

1030,00 €

1200,00 €

Freight forwarding and special transport deliveries to islands may have to be requested separately and may incur additional transport costs. We reserve the right to pass on these additional costs to the customer.

Shipping of mounting triangles or sets for balcony power stations by parcel service (bulky goods)

We can ship mounting triangles and mounting sets for balcony power stations up to a certain quantity by bulky goods parcel.

The shipping costs depend on the number of items ordered, length and weight. Bulky goods parcel costs start at € 30,00 and can be up to € 185.00 (only within Germany or Austria). If your order contains a higher number of mounting triangles or sets for balcony power stations, we reserve the right to deliver the goods to you by a forwarding company. This does not affect the freight costs shown in the order, which remain identical in all cases.

All transport costs are automatically calculated and shown at the end of the ordering process (for shipping within Germany).

Freight costs for Austria up to a weight of 2 tonnes are automatically calculated and displayed by our shop. Beyond that, our shop shows the placeholder “5555,00 €” as transport costs. These costs are not binding and serve only as a placeholder.

If you would like us to organise the transport of the goods, please send us your order and select “bank transfer” as the payment method. We then request your individual costs from our forwarders and offer them to you in the next step.

For all other countries, you can only select pick-up at the Wuppertal warehouse in the shop. If you would like us to organise the transport of the goods, please send us your order and select “bank transfer” as the payment method. We then request your individual costs from our forwarders and offer them to you in the next step.

Alternatively, you can of course organise your own transport and have your goods collected from our warehouse in 42369 Wuppertal / Germany.

Information on the delivery of long goods

Long goods are delivered using a tarpaulin-covered lorry without a lifting platform or forklift. The recipient is responsible for unloading the goods. If this is not possible, please inform us in advance before delivery!

If you are ordering as a private person for your own project and only a few mounting rails and small parts are delivered, it has proven successful in practice to unload the goods from the lorry by hand. There should be at least two people to unload the rails. If the packages are too heavy, you can also pack and unload them individually.

Please check the goods immediately upon delivery for completeness and or transport damage! If you are in any doubt, remove the packaging so that you can check the product visually.

If you notice any transport damage, please document this with photos and note the type and number of damaged transport items on the delivery note from the forwarding company.

Checklist for transport damage

1) Check the goods immediately upon delivery to ensure that they are undamaged.
Also make sure that the outer packaging is intact; if in doubt, unpack the goods before handover.

2) If the delivery is damaged, please document the damage with photos. Ideally, you should take photos of the damage from different perspectives in order to show the full extent of the damage.

3) Make a note of the damage on the carrier’s handover note
Under no circumstances should you acknowledge the receipt of the goods without an additional note, as otherwise you will be confirming to the carrier that the goods have been handed over in perfect condition and in this case we will have no possibility of claiming the damage from the insurance company.

A possible damage note on the delivery receipt should include the following:
– Type of damage
– Number and type of damaged items
– Signature of the driver
– Your signature
– date

In this case, please contact us by e-mail as soon as possible.

Grundsätzlich haben wir keinerlei Ersatzansprüche gegenüber der Spedition, wenn Sie dieser bei Übergabe eine einwandfreie Lieferung quittieren.

Pick up yourself

You also have the option of collecting your order free of charge from our warehouse in Wuppertal or arranging your own transport company to collect the goods.

Pick-up address:

Profiness warehouse
Paul-Deffke-Straße 30
42369 Wuppertal / Germany

If you have placed an order with the pick-up option, your order must first be commissioned. In any case, please wait for feedback from us before you make your way to the warehouse.

We will inform you of your earliest possible pick-up date.

Please note for pick-up:

  • Pick-up of mounting rails: Loading area in length of the longest item must be available!
  • Long goods can only be loaded from the side!
  • Pick-ups must be completed by 3 pm!
  • Appropriate securing material (straps or similar) must be available to secure the goods!

Return shipments

Should you wish to make use of your right of cancellation (please also refer to section 5.1 “Right of cancellation” in our General Terms and Conditions) or wish to return goods to us for other reasons. In any case, please contact us in advance.

Return addresse
, returns should be sent exclusively to our warehouse at the following address:

Profiness warehouse
Paul-Deffke-Straße 30
42369 Wuppertal / Germany