Aerodynamic flat roof systems

South or east/west system?

While the modules on pitched roofs are automatically inclined towards the sun, the modules on flat roofs must be aligned as favourably as possible towards the sunlight by means of the corresponding substructure.

For orientation and pitch, we offer aerodynamic flat roof systems as east-west elevation 10° and south elevation 10°and 15°, which have been designed in such a way that they do not need to be screwed to the roof, but only need to be set up with relatively little counterweight.

The systems have been tested in the wind channel and can therefore be calculated in a statically optimised way. We also manufacture customised elevations according to customer requirements and drawings.

Flat roof systems are always customised

Of course, you can select your desired mounting triangles and many different angles for upright and horizontal modules, including the respective bracing and screw connections, in our online shop.

However, we recommend using our rated flat roof systems here, as these offer many advantages compared to a complete self-build:

  • We take care of all the planning for you. The only thing we need is our completed enquiry form for flat roof systems and a simple sketch of the desired layout, including a description of the roof. Dimensioning of the roof surfaces.
  • You receive a pre-assembled system that can be set up in just a few steps.
  • On request, we can provide you with a precise ballast plan – drawn up by our static engineer – which shows you the exact ballast you need for your individual layout and local conditions.

It’s all about the direction!

The orientation of the PV system is customised to your requirements by you or your solar installer.

An east-west system is often installed if the power generated is to be distributed as evenly as possible throughout the day, e.g. to increase self-consumption. East-west systems have good space utilisation and require less ballast than south-facing systems.

South-facing elevations ensure that the maximum possible generation of a system is achieved. We offer aerodynamic systems with 10° and 15° elevation angles with and without shading. When shading angles are taken into account in winter, less panels fit on the same area because the shading distance is greater than with a narrower version that aims to fit as many panels as possible on the available area.

We plan the substructure for your flat roof

Simply send us your enquiry by email to and you will receive an answer within a few hours. detailed planning incl. customised offer.

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