Profiness mounting blog

With our product portfolio, we can realise substructures for photovoltaic systems on almost all types of roofs. On the market since 2006, we have already realised thousands of projects with our evaluated standard range.

The following pages will guide you through the construction of our various systems and help you to select the right components for your roof structure.

Tiled roof

Profiness mounting profiles and connecting elements are installed in hundreds of family homes and apartment blocks every day and provide a solid basis for your entry into a CO2-neutral and, in the long term, electricity cost-neutral household.

Here you will find step-by-step instructions explaining how to install the mounting structure on your tiled roof and helping you to select the right products for your structure, from the right roof hooks to the length of the pan head screws and the right clamps.

Trapezoidal sheet metal

Substructures on trapezoidal sheet metal roofs are generally quick, easy and inexpensive to realise. With many conventional trapezoidal sheets, so-called short rails can be screwed from top bead to top bead, or short rail sections can be screwed directly onto the high bead in the case of transverse modules.
Read the following article to find out what else you need to consider in addition to the correct screw connection to the sheet metal.

Hanger bolt installation on corrugated fibre cement roofs

Eternit or corrugated sheet metal roofs often present a particular challenge, as in many cases it is not possible to simply screw short rails from wave to wave. Therefore, in these cases we look at the construction that lies under the roof covering.

Similar to tiled roofs, the substructure is fixed to the beams using hanger bolts. Read on to find out what needs to be considered here and what special challenges await us when fastening in steel beams.

Flat roof mounting systems

Another popular way of installing solar modules is on garages, flat roofs on family homes or, on a larger scale, on huge industrial halls. But even in these cases, attention to detail is important – it’s all about the right angle!

Depending on the desired occupancy and orientation, we offer flat roof systems with south-facing, east-west orientation or special roof-parallel flat roof systems.

You can build your own flat roof system with elevation triangles at the desired angle, or you can use our aerodynamic flat roof systems, which have been tested and certified in the wind tunnel. The components for this are not available in our online shop, we will be happy to plan them for you individually.

Below we take a closer look at our aerodynamic flat roof systems.

Balcony power plants

Of course, we also offer solutions for those who want to start from scratch. You can do it with a balcony power plant on the railing, on the garden fence or on the house facade. We have also created assembly sets for such smaller solutions and collected many other ideas.