Connect Basic | EPDM sealing tape

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EPDM sealing tape 90×3 mm (or 40×3 mm) adhesive on one side, e.g. as a base under trapezoidal rails


EPDM sealing tape, 3 mm thick, 90 mm wide (suitable for our trapezoidal profiles, which have a 90 mm wide base), as a separating layer between the trapezoidal rail and trapezoidal sheet, adhesive on one side.

We also have EPDM tape with a width of 40×3 mm for our high bead rail. This can be used, for example, as an intermediate layer when mounting elevation systems on trapezoidal sheet metal.

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90×3 mm – 10 m roll, 90×3 mm – 50 m roll, 40×3 mm – 10 m roll